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Home-College Communication

We believe that good relationships and close liaison between home and College will help the students to succeed. Parents and carers are seen as equal partners in the education of their children, particularly in agreeing individual learning priorities and, where necessary, care plans.

Parents are encouraged to communicate with the College regularly to check or comment on their child’s progress, particularly if they have any concerns. A Home-College link book is used to aid communication. The College doors are always open to parents. They are welcome to visit at any time, although it is helpful if an appointment is made.


Home-College Agreements

In accordance with DFE requirements, the College’s Home-College Agreement sets out the responsibilities of each of the parties involved, including the College, parents and students. It also sets out the expectations that each party should have of the other within the spirit of partnership. The College hopes that all parents and students will sign the agreement, thereby accepting the principles that it embodies.



Parents can expect to receive a fortnightly newsletter to keep them informed about College policy, forthcoming events, together with a general update on what is happening. These are also available on the College website.

More detailed newsletters are issued three times a year to keep parents/carers updated about College curriculum, activities and children’s achievements.

A detailed written report on student progress is prepared and sent to parents to coincide with their child's Annual Review, and Parents’ Evenings are held in October and January each year.


Parent Support Advisor

Our Parent Support Advisor works with and supports children, their parents or carers and makes links on their behalf with other agencies and services. The purpose of the role is to increase and strengthen links between College and home, direct parents and carers to help and advice available outside of College, and to work with individual families at home.


Parent/Carer Support Groups

Support Group workshops are held twice a year and consist of eight two-hour long meetings per workshop group. The groups are small and relaxed and we have found parents and carers benefit from meeting with other parents who may be experiencing similar problems and issues. We aim to cover areas such as meeting day-to-day challenges, strategies for coping with behaviour issues, managing frustration and anger, ‘parent power’ and independent living skills meetings give parents and carers the chance to talk with other parents.



  1. a) Parent - Teachers‟ meetings will be conducted periodically. These meetings are intended to review the students performance in the presence of parents, students, and subject teachers. The meetings should help to sort out all matters on merit in a spirit of harmony in consonance with the GURU KARSHNI MAHAVIDYALAYphilosophy of “Vasudeva Kutumbakam”. The cordial and mutual discussions between parents and teachers/Principal should ultimately help students to improve their performance with collective effort of the College and parents. Suggestions from both ends are welcome to implement new programmes towards improvement in academic standards, cultural and moral values, sports and other activities.
  2. b) Parents are not expected to meet and disturb the teachers during College working hours. However, only on Saturdays, the parents may meet teachers from 11-30 am to 12-20 only to sort out the immediate points of priority with prior permission of the Principal.



Great emphasis is laid on discipline, punctuality, regularity in attendance, respect to elders and fundamental moral values. The outlook is secular but based on spiritual foundation. Students are encouraged to understand and practice their own faiths. Parents are expected to co-operate with the College authorities fully in this regard.


Friends of “Guru Karshni Mahavidyalay”   (FOW)

The Friends of “Guru Karshni Mahavidyalay” association is very supportive of the College. Its main purpose is to provide social events for the children and their families and to raise funds for special projects, e.g. the Quiet Garden and the playground refurbishment project. The annual College quiz and the summer fete are especially popular and draw wide support from past students and their families, as well as from the local community.

All parents/carers are most welcome to join the FOW and the committee is always happy to have new members willing to give practical support.



  1. The very first condition of admission is that parents/ guardians will comply strictly with the terms and rules herein stated and pay by the due date the tuition fees and all other charges.
  2. Parents are requested to enforce regularity and discipline. They will kindly see that their children daily prepare their lessons. It is the responsibility of the parents to see that their wards reach the College and back home safely.
  3. Politeness, courtesy of speech and conduct, cleanliness in dress and person should be inculcated.
  4. Leave for absence may be granted for a sufficient reason, but only on an application from the parent/ guardian. 5. Any communication (request or complaint) made by a parent should be addressed to the Principal and not to the Class Teacher. When thus communicating with the Principal, parents are requested to mention in their letter the name and the class with section of their children. All business will be transacted in the office.
  5. No visitors (parents or others) are allowed to see the students or interview their teachers during class hours.
  6. Parents are also requested not to visit the classes during the class hours.
  7. Parents are requested not to call or take their children during class hours except in a case of emergency.
  8. Parents and guardians are required to sign all the reports and to see that their children observe all the rules of the College.
  9. The parents-teachers meetings are very important and they should attend them regularly.
  10. The Principal reserves the right to inflict punishment upon the students, either corporal or otherwise, as he may deem necessary.
  11. Students must not keep much cash with them when they come to College. Such a habit is harmful. Children should not be entrusted with payment of fees.
  12. Students should not carry or wear valuable articles including rings and fancy watches when coming to College.
  13. A reasonable good dress like that of the College uniform may be worn on birthdays.
  14. We welcome constructive criticism, we feel happy when parents take interest in the welfare of the institution and give feedback for improvement



The College has a very good reputation within the community and receives tremendous support from many different organisations. Strong links exist between the College curriculum and the community and we are able to make good use of all the resources available. Our students are able to learn to use a wide range of public facilities, undertake a good range of sporting activities and outdoor pursuits and visit local places of interest.

We also involve members of the community in our topics and projects, inviting them in to share their creative, musical, sporting or culinary skills with our students.

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