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GURU KARSHNI Mahavidyalay founded to caters the educational needs of those who want to combine the advantages of modern College with those of the ancient “Vidyashram” aimed at awakening the intelligence of the child, to educate him to understand the complexity of the problems in life, and to help him grow into an individual with sound character and personality, through close contact between the teacher and the taught. We at Guru Karshni Mahavidyalay, fulfill the educational needs of the region with great vision “Action speaks louder than word”.




The College is located in Kasihar of Jamalpur block (25°4'34"N 83°4'3"E) at Adalhat- Sherwan State Highway, near Viksi barrier of Mirzapur district (U.P.). The College is situated at the bank of Garai River (old name Gautami Nadi). The great monk Durwasa Rishi also resides at bank of this river (as mentioned in Ramayana and Mahabharata). The prince Bhurishrawa participated in mahabhatra yuddha towards Kaurawan’s also belongs to this are (Afterwards the place came to be known as Bhueeli and Sherwan). The City of Moksha “Kashi” (Varanasi) is located on the north (Approx. 30km). Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh states are also showing their closeness with this area.  

The sprawling campus of the College is surrounded by beautiful green belt, with learner friendly ambience, conductive for learning. The environment is distinctively serene in every respect with beautiful landscape scattered with enchanting trees. The College building is with spacious and well-ventilated class-rooms, Computer, Science Labs, Art, Dance and Music rooms etc.,



At “Guru Karshni Mahavidyalay”   we seek to create an inclusive community, in which each individual is cared for and challenged, by high expectations, to reach their full potential.

To achieve this, we provide a positive and creative learning environment, which incorporates a rich and varied programme of experiences and opportunities, both in College and within the wider community. This enables all students to develop a positive attitude to learning and life.

The College is committed to promoting the student outcomes set out in ‘Every Child Matters’ – ‘Be Healthy, Stay Safe, Enjoy and Achieve, Make a Positive Contribution, Achieve Economic Well Being’ The College aims may be summarised, as follows:


  1. To set high expectations for the academic, social and personal development of all members of the College community, in which every individual can meet his/her full potential.
  2. To ensure that students receive their educational entitlement and to build the academic and social foundations for their future lives.
  3. To develop in students behavioural, moral, cultural and spiritual attitudes that will prepare them for the responsibilities of adulthood.
  4. To teach students essential communication, interaction, literacy, numeracy, life and vocational skills, helping them towards a full and independent adult life.
  5. To develop an interest in, and motivation towards, learning for its own sake, to teach students how to learn independently and to develop creativity.
  6. To raise self-esteem and confidence, and to empower students to become valued and valuable members of the community, both local and global.
  7. To enter into a positive partnership with parents/carers based on mutual Society and



Guru Karshni Mahavidyalay’s educational philosophy strives to blend the heritage, culture and values and wisdom of glorious ancient India with the constantly changing needs and aspirations of modern society. The philosophy also takes up wide range of activities, conductive to social fulfillment and social achievement.  With this end, the College, besides imparting academic knowledge, strives to

  1. a) Introduction of Guru-shishya attitude to creates an ideal relation between teacher and student
  2. b) Provide training in leadership
  3. c) Inculcate dignity of labour
  4. d) Instill a sense of civic, social and moral responsibility
  5. e) Give a background of national culture
  6. f) Introduce the literature, history and culture of the motherland.
  7. g) Allow full scope for the development of the personality through suitable creative work.
  8. h) Develop the ethical, spiritual, cultural aspects in short, an altruistic attitude of life.


It seeks to develop ever student into a self-reliant, socially useful, and disciplined and law abiding citizen by providing regular and standard couching. It also aims at making the child fit to take up various responsible positions in life.

In keeping with the dictum “ SHAREERA MADHYAM KHALU DHARMA SADHANAM” the College will maintain a detailed health record of the students by periodical checkup, offer lessons in preservation of health so that the children become fully aware of the necessary or continual steps for maintaining sound health.


 “Guru Karshni Mahavidyalay” is a co-educational institution and committed to providing students with a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum, a significant element of which is based on the university curriculum program. This may involve accessing links with other College and the wider community. We are a friendly, supportive and we encourage the growth of Society and mutual respect. Students are encouraged to take responsibility, use their own initiative, develop self-confidence, communication and interaction skills, and value other people.


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